Easy Ways to Make Your Computer or Laptop to Talk

3:25 AM

How to make the computer talk on windows 7
When turned on or when the startup is not too hard, you can simply use a text editor notepad you can make your computer talk time for lighter as the ironman movie.

how to make your PC to talk was not difficult enough anyway you read the tutorial to learn how quickly this computer until completion and putting it into practice, I am sure you will succeed in making computers talk like the movie iron man jarvis.

Here are the steps in How to Make a Computer or Laptop to Talk :
1. Open notepad by right clicking on the desktop => New => Text Document as shown below
2. Then type in notepad sepet the article below, CreateObject ( "SAPI.SpVoice"). Speak "CRONOSAL is good"
For the red bertulisakan CRONOSAL is good can be changed according to your wishes, your computer will speak what, looks like the image below
3. If it had been typed as shown above and click File => Save As ...
4. Replace txt format with VBS as shown below.
5. If it is then the icon will appear as shown below in the desktop computer / laptop ,, then open by clicking the icon, it will sound your computer talk.

Well that's How to Make Easy Computer or Laptop to Talk but you do not expect a big karo his voice smooth like an angel because you know yourself this laptop is speaking ha ha you can also read Ways to open the cell excel protectable password without software and How to play or view rotation desktop screen in Windows 7.

Thus posting of us. Hopefully the information above to add your insight.

May be useful.

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