AVG Internet Security 2017 X86-X64 + Keys


Keunikan AVG dari antivirus lain ialah LinkScanner. Guna LinkScanner adalah men-scan tautan pranala saat menjelajah di dunia maya. Link Scanner berfungsi dengan baik pada peramban Mozilla Firefox dan Internet Explorer. Selain itu, kelebihan dari AVG adalah tersedianya fitur Anti-Rootkit. Tetapi, hanya satu kekurangan AVG. AVG sebagian besar hanya akan men-karantina virus yang dideteksi,tidak seperti antivirus lain yang dapat menghapus saat pendeteksian. AVG memang kuat pada pendeteksian, tetapi sering dinilai lambat dalam pemindaian. Tapi AVG sudah memiliki fitur yang lengkap perihal keamanan. Jadi sistem proteksi pada AVG dinilai lengkap dan canggih.
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Antivirus is included in it which will help you to stop these things like virus or Trojans as well as warms from threating  the computer directly or indirectly.

Anti-Malware Included:

You can remove all kind of malware which are from your computer in a very simply manner. It has ability to delete anything which harms your computer.

Advance Anti-rootkit:

If you have it then you don’t fear of hackers it is an safe software no one can access your computer. rot-kits is fully removed and then your personal computer will fully in your control not in control of other hackers.

New Email Scanner:

This version of AVG can block all the infected devices which can be connected to your computer or in when in other case you reached or someone send it by using internet  for your emails will be scanned by AVG. AVG can also be scans  SMTP, POP3, and other IMPA accounts completely.

Cloud Protective Technology:

All types of threats which are from the cloud will be easily detected by it. This amazing software will automatically updated.

Community Protection:

If any kind of malware threat is find by a AVG user which can not be known before it that could be included  immediately in the software you have to make sure that  AVG community remains safe.

Link Scanner Included:

Those sites which are not trusted or carry the links which are infected will be blocked by AVG immediately.

Social Protection:

It doesn’t matter what are you using on the internet or where you are on like Facebook, twitter or any other you are on safe mode you receive all the links which are sent to you that will be scanned very thoroughly.

Online Shield:

All the files that will be downloaded from internet it will ensured you that you are on safe mode . there will be no harmful file will be entered in computer.

System Requirements for AVG Internet Security:

Operating system:

  • It requires Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 is also requires
  • Windows 8 is also included in it
  • Windows 10 is require as an operating system
  • Windows XP SP3 also requires


  • It requires a processor of 1.5 GHz or more then it.


  • There is RAM required of 512 MB.

Resolution of Screen:

  • It requires minimum  1024-768

Free Space:

  • There is of free disk of 1300MB are also required.


  • Internet Explorer 6 or newer is required

There is connection of internet is require

How To Activate AVG Internet Security?

  • It is necessary to turn off the Internet connection before you install AVG.
  • You can Download it from here we provide you a link given below and then install the file setup.
  • When you install it then just open it to place the serial key.
  • After, when it is activated now you can be able to turn it on and enjoy its security.
  • Then you have to Update it whenever you required.
  • Just Enjoy it.

32 bit : DOWNLOAD

64 bit : DOWNLOAD

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