Cameringo + Efek Kamera V2.8.13 Cracked APK [Terbaru]


Cameringo + Efek Kamera V2.8.13 Cracked APK [Terbaru]

Dengan antarmuka yang kuat namun bergaya sederhana, kamera fotografi profesional ini mencakup berbagai macam efek foto dengan cepat real-time seperti lomo dan vintage, termasuk beberapa jenis lensa seperti fisheye, wide angle, dan banyak lagi. Total lebih dari 300 filter desediakan, dan lebih dari 20 frame.
Apa yang baru ?
  • Pembaruan ini berisi optimasi dan perbaikan bug.
  • Didesain ulang bagaimana flash yang dipilih untuk membuatnya lebih nyaman.
  • Ditambahkan baru torch flash, untuk perangkat yang memiliki kemampuan tersebut.
  • 3 filter baru: 
    LENS: fisheye wide 
    TWIST: tort, tort inv
  • For HDR fans produce the most beautiful images with the included FAUX HDR tone mapping filters.
    Also you can create little planet photos with the stereographic filters, or use the dedicated Little Planet mode.
  • Lomography and hipster photography fans will also be pleased with the emulated effects of some classic cameras including 16mm and super-8 styles that you will find easily in the included filter packs.
  • Enjoy video recording with live filters, including slow and fast motion video recording, pause and resume, and even drawing in real time while recording. (Note that video requires Jelly Bean 4.3 or higher)
  • A GIF recorder is also included which similar to video can be used with all the available filters, allowing even to change the recording speed to produce funny animations, or even record in reverse mode.
  • Cameringo offers advanced features that DSLR camera owners will envy, as you will be able to change in real-time the image exposure, contrast, brightness and more, allowing to modify uniquely each filters to achieve unique creations.
  • Don’t forget to try the unique virtual flash to get a mad-face selfie. The idea is very simple, in complete darkness the screen will light up enough to give you the chance to snap your grin.
  • Other included features are silent mode, histogram in RGB and LUMA, an incognito mode to become a secret agent, macro-focus to get these perfect close-up pictures, and many more options for you to discover.
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